Are you ready to experience the very best of Indian financial domination aka findom? Then Indian findom Mistress Pramila Ganguly is the perfect woman who can turn all your financial fetishes into reality. No longer day dreaming about your fantasies, its time you start experiencing the fantasies you have only watched online or read about.

Be it small contributions or tributes to monthly/weekly bill adoption plans; financial draining to bank account controlling; budgeting to financial supervision; you name it, and you see everything happening in my kingdom. I specialize in webcam wallet draining. For my loyal paypigs and slaves and subs, i also manage/control bank accounts and also take teamviewer access. Please note, i do NOT participate in the extreme forms of financial domination or financial training unless certain amount of trust has been built between both parties (me and you) which might take considerable amount of time and tributes. If you think you are not that patient, then dont approach. 

However, for people who are a bit impatient and got less of time, can try random tribute, webcam wallet draining, monthly/weekly bill adoption plans, financial consultation to name a few. 

I always have vacancies for wishlist slaves, shopping slaves, paypigs, cashcows as well as human ATMs as i love to spend and shop a lot! So if you are looking for proper financial training, or would simply love to be a financial slave (finslave) of mine, then contact me through this website’s contact form or email at [email protected] 

To discuss about any financial training or draining or rinsing, a non-refundable non-adjustable consultation fees (mentioned below *) is required to be deposited before the consultation starts. This is just a consultation fees and not a tribute which is always unconditional. Tributes in addition to consultation fees are always appreciated and i always reward my finsubs who pamper me well. I am aversed to freeloaders and fantasy-land dwellers who just fantasize and waste time but never pay i.e. timewasters. I believe in actions which speak louder than words, and being an aspiring finsub you must believe in tributes first before asking me any more questions.

*Consultation Fees for Various Financial Training Courses :-

1. Financial slave contract – Rs 4000/-  or USD $ 80 (Just the contract/form)

2. Webcam draining Deposit – INR Rs 7000/-  or USD $ 200 (Not a One time fee, rinsing will continue throughout the session)

3. Monthly/weekly Bill adoption Plans & Contract – INR Rs 2000/- or USD $ 50 (Just the plans as well as the contract/form)

4. Human ATM Form – INR Rs 3500/- or USD $ 70

5. Budgeting – INR Rs 3000/- or USD $ 65

6. Novice Consultation – INR Rs 2100/- or USD $ 60 (10 minutes text chat consultation)

7. Debt contract – INR Rs 6600/- or USD $160 (ONLY the contract would be provided in this, the amount of debt contract would be different and must be separately paid as per contract)

8. Blackmail(fantasy) contract – INR Rs 6600/- or USD $140 (ONLY the contract would be given for this amount, and this amount would not cover the payment/tributes for the tasks assigned during the tenure of contract)

Apart from the above mentioned financial fetishes, i do also cater to many rare or shall we say adventurous financial fetishes, which i wont be stating here for obvious reasons. I love pushing my limits as well as my (loyal) subs limits, so bring it all in! If rightly done, findom can be way more painful and strenuous than any other stuffs that femdom or sadomasochism can ever inflict on you. And you know, there is nothing hotter than losing so much of control (over your finances) to someone you worship and met on the internet! Money is power, and when you surrender that aspect of yourself, that’s the ultimate submission! Enough of talking, send me a tribute right now and then book a consultation session with me. Ciao.

Send an unconditional tribute via e gift cards to [email protected] to get my attention & to prove you are really into findom. Alternatively, you can also send a Flipkart or Amazon E gift card from to my [email protected] *Note, i dont accept any forwarded e gift vouchers/cards. I also dont accept any links of cards.

For folks residing out of India, you may send an unconditional tribute through my IWC CLIPSTORE using the ‘TRIBUTE ME’ option which you would get on the left side of the page & mail me with screenshot.