Indian Goddess Pramila

Goddess Pramila Ganguly, is in her late 20s from Kolkata. Since childhood, Indian Mistress Pramila has been a natural dominatrix. Due to her loads of attitude and personality, boys always feared her in school. However, she can be a sweet pleasant girl next door, if she wants to be! Appearances can be deceptive, so next time when you see this petite lass with innocent looks on her face, dont be fooled to flirt. Indian Mistress Pramila demands unquestionable respect and attention from her subs!

Name – Pramila Ganguly

Complexion – Wheatish to fair

Height – 5 feet 2 inches

Shoe Size – UK size 35, Indian size 4.5 or 5

Body Type – Curvy

Mother Tongue – Bengali/Bangla

Other Languages Known – English , Hindi (poor) , Bengali

Education – Graduate

Location – Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Featured in Vice India interview April 17th 2018

Featured in the FHM India April 2016 issue

Interviewed by SimplySxy website. Article published on 29th May 2019